Carole and Riley Mahoney with Steve, at home in one of few quiet moments during this busy campaign.

Safeguarding Tahoe Donner’s Future

Good Neighbor, Great Leader

To represent all members, Tahoe Donner needs a director with knowledge and experience, an open mind, a sense of fairness, and respect for all directors, management, and staff.

Looking back on my 18 years in Tahoe Donner, I’ve been a skier, hiker, golfer, paddle boarder, and committee volunteer. Now I’m looking forward to earning your vote so I can use the skills I developed through 40 years as a finance professional, in service to you on the Board of Directors.

Leadership Priorities

Safe, Staged Covid-19 Reopening

Emerging from the Covid-19 shutdown of our amenities will be a process, not an event. We must listen to the experts as we navigate through this process. People like Nevada County Public Health Officer, Ken Cutler, and Tahoe Donner’s staff who are experts in our amenity operations. We must work tirelessly to open responsibly in the staged process mandated by state and local authorities. As members we also need to draw on our own patience, because we face a summer with reduced capacity at some of our amenities.

Support Our Management Team

A board’s responsibility is to set direction and allocate the necessary resources for management to do its job. We have a highly regarded new General Manager joining us in July. If we want him to succeed, then we must end the suffocating micromanagement that causes excessive turnover. That only leads to a loss of valuable institutional knowledge, project delays, higher costs, and poor member service. I’ll make sure the management team has the supportive environment they need to succeed.

Careful Budgeting, Smart Spending for Maximum Value

Our board and staff must always work collaboratively to deliver superior member service and contain the cost of providing that service. As a director, I will use my business experience and expertise to ensure that management is able to apply sensible business practices, including the adoption of new technologies, to improve our financial results and maintain high member satisfaction. That’s how we deliver maximum value for Tahoe Donner members.

Modern, Well-Maintained Amenities for Member Enjoyment

Over the past five years, annual assessments have been kept artificially low to avoid funding our long-term financial needs. By underfunding the reserves, this only did long-term harm to Tahoe Donner’s financial health and its ability to maintain the great amenities and experience that members continually tell us they want. I am committed to building our reserves to ensure modern, well-maintained amenities for all of us to enjoy.

Sensible Rules, Policies, Fees for Member Fairness

Our association is nearly 50 years old. With increasingly diverse and highly mobile members, today’s Tahoe Donner is a much different place than when it was established. Some of our rules, policies, and fee structures no longer serve us well. They also exacerbate some of the divisions in our community. As a director, I will ensure that management reviews our amenity access and pricing policies, covenants, and restrictions to make sure that they are right for the times and treat all owners fairly.

Aggressive Fire safety, 3rd Egress, Forest Health

Fires can devastate rural communities. We see this in our fire insurance rates. I am committed to continuing TD’s aggressive, proactive land management and forest health measures that have earned our community a Firewise USA safety designation. However, disaster response time can be improved by a new third TD access road. As a director, I will work with the Town of Truckee to explore creative funding approaches to accelerate construction of the third exit route.

Improved Relationship with Town of Truckee

Our General Manager, Board President, and senior staff all need to have strong, carefully developed and coordinated relationships with their counterparts in Town government. Only a fraction of TD homeowners are registered to vote in Truckee, but all of our homeowners pay taxes and are entitled to a voice in local affairs. I will ensure that our relationship is strengthened so that TD issues and concerns are as important to the Town government as they are to TD homeowners.

Unite Tahoe Donner, End Divisive Politics

The past few years have seen increasing “us vs. them” discussions on social media and at association meetings, and increasingly divisive politics have been the result. That’s no way to foster collaboration that works for the good of ALL members. Every TD homeowner is a member, and has the same rights and responsibilities. Our most important amenity is our sense of community. It’s time to create solutions that unite our community. That’s something I will do for ALL members.