I have been blessed to receive support and wisdom from so many friends, neighbors and colleagues. That support convinced me to run for the Board so I can apply my financial expertise, business acumen and knowledge of how Tahoe Donner works to safeguard Tahoe Donner’s future.

Here are some of the Tahoe Donner homeowners who have graciously endorsed my candidacy. Please note that these endorsements are personal opinions and do not represent endorsements by the groups or committees with which they may be affiliated.

I am endorsing Steve Mahoney for the Tahoe Donner Board because our HOA needs his sound business judgment and his sage understanding of our HOA finances. Campaign promises may get the vote, but the reality is that once candidates become board members, they have a fiduciary duty to use sound business judgment and do what’s best for the association – and Steve will do that. Protecting all members’ property values and member enjoyment! Steve understands the need to fund replacement of our aging amenities over time, and the need to listen to member communications, management, and our new General Manager, not make decisions based on a campaign platform or biased agenda. Certain current and recent past board members ignored those essential needs for political gain and faction pleasing. Lastly, Steve understands that a big part of Tahoe Donner’s success is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Nonstop nickel-and-diming of owners is no way to enjoy this special place. That’s why I’m endorsing Steve Mahoney for the Tahoe Donner Board – we need his financial expertise and principled leadership. ~ Mike Salmon, 24-year Tahoe Donner homeowner, 12-year TD Director of Finance

I have known Steve for 25 years, both in a business setting and on a personal level. Through all that time, he has proven to be honest, level-headed, caring about others, and willing to work to get the best outcome. I can think of no one better suited to take on the responsibilities of being a Tahoe Donner Board Member than Steve. He will bring calm rationality to an environment that has seen more than its share of volatility and vitriol. A vote for Steve is a vote to restore dignity and common sense to the Board! ~ Jeff Bonzon, Director 2015-18, President 2016-17, Member of Finance Committee

I am in full support of Steve Mahoney for Tahoe Donner’s Board. Having served on the General Plan Committee, led the Downhill Ski Subcommittee and now leading the Ski Lodge Task Force, I have worked with Steve to optimize balanced solutions for our Association. Steve is open minded, analytical, fiscally sound, collaborative, and clearly has Tahoe Donner’s best interests in mind. I’m certain Steve will help jell the Board, bringing teamwork back in to play for the success of our Association. ~ Jim Beckmeyer, Chair, Tahoe Donner Ski Lodge Task Force

Steve Mahoney has the demeanor and experience that the Tahoe Donner Association desperately needs on the Board of Directors right now. He is inclusive rather than divisive, a great listener who asks insightful questions, is thoughtful and well-balanced. Steve will represent the TDA membership with integrity. ~ Brian Gauny, concerned homeowner and TD Men’s Golf Club board member

I have had the pleasure of working with Steve for the past year and a half on the TD Finance Committee. During that time, Steve has consistently demonstrated the skills and abilities I look for in a director of a large and complex HOA. He is thoughtful, thorough, able to see the larger picture but also to focus on the details. He brings a deep knowledge of finance health and good governance. He is open to input from others and conducts himself at all times with kindness, consideration and respect for others and has contributed tirelessly to the community. I urge you to join me in supporting his candidacy to serve as a director. ~ Terry Watson, Member, Tahoe Donner Finance Committee

I enthusiastically and without reservation support Steve Mahoney’s candidacy for a seat on the Tahoe Donner Association Board of Directors. Working with Steve over the last year in a Tahoe Donner club organization has shown me that Steve is a calm, disciplined, knowledgeable and imaginative thinker who is attentive and considerate to all points of view. I believe he can help the Board provide the leadership and guidance needed to manage a complex, multi-faceted organization in a way that will fairly and creatively represent the diverse perspectives and interests of the Tahoe Donner community. ~ Keith Williams, Past President, Tahoe Donner Men’s Golf Club

Steve Mahoney is articulate, diligent, and has what it takes to work with others, be an effective board member, and recognize the difference between staff and the board. He uses the amenities so understands how they work. ~ Michael Fajans, past Tahoe Donner Board Member, past General Plan Committee member

As a fellow member of the TD Finance Committee, I have had the opportunity to observe Steve’s thoughtful and thorough grasp of the details. His manner is one of consideration and kindness, a great benefit to all members and to the Board. ~ Michael Eyton- Lloyd, Member, Tahoe Donner Finance Committee

Steve Mahoney is the person for the Director’s job to be done at this time for Tahoe Donner. His background and personality combine the financial skills we need to steer TD out of COVID-19 waters while his people skills are what we need to heal the divisions in our community. ~ Michael Sullivan, Former Chair, Tahoe Donner General Plan Committee

Steve Mahoney has my vote! We, the members, need the qualities and qualifications he will bring to our board. Steve is respectful of ALL Tahoe Donner members, as well as our staff and management, and he values their perspectives. He is committed to ending the divisiveness that has recently escalated within our community, and on our board. He has the best interests of our association in mind in planning for current challenges as well as future needs, along with the skills required to deliver on these lofty goals. Steve’s stellar career in banking and finance, and his experience leading teams, both professionally and at Tahoe Donner, has given him the skill to find creative solutions to our complex funding issues, as well as the ability to cut through the recent vitriol and make board decisions that will benefit ALL of us. ~ Nan Meek, Homeowner Committee, Tahoe Donner Staff Appreciation Fund; Chair, Blue Ribbon Equestrian Panel; Former Vice Chair, General Plan Committee; former Chair, GPC Communications Subcommittee.

Steve was terrific at the candidate’s night. Knew the details, very adept at the finances as you would expect with his background, very committed to keeping TD a really first-class community with one-of-a kind amenities for our enjoyment and for the health of our investment in our homes and lots. No platitudes, no slogans. Just look, learn and get the job done! We’re all very fortunate to have this level of quality in our leadership. And lucky to have a commitment to our community when there are a lot of other nice things to do instead of hard work for TD. ~ Bernd Kutzscher, MD

Steve has the perfect background to be on this board from a financial perspective and was articulate and answered every question directly. In my opinion it would be a mistake to not vote for Steve on this board. ~ Joe Balan

I want to pledge my support for Steve Mahoney as Director for Tahoe Donner’s HOA Board. I’ve worked with Steve on both the TD Finance Committee as well as a current Board member on the TD Men’s Golf Club. Steve is one of the most intelligent, level-headed and caring people I’ve had the pleasure to work with both on HOA committees and professionally. Steve will make excellent decisions for our HOA and will help quell the divisiveness that has permeated the Board over the last number of years! ~ Corey Leibow, former Chairman of the TD Finance Committee.

Steve Mahoney is the right person at the right time for the right job. He will bring leadership and financial acumen to a Board in dire need of these attributes. I wholeheartedly endorse Steve for this most important Board election. ~ John McGregor, current member Tahoe Donner General Plan Committee

I am strongly behind Steve. ~ Tom Johns, past Tahoe Donner Board President

During my recent interactions with Steve Mahoney, both socially and in TD club related meetings, I have found him to be an incredible listener and knowledgeable contributor. Steve has the unique ability to process data and logically transform challenges into solutions in both financial and operational settings. His communication skills and patience make him an incredible asset to our association. ~ Tim Pellegrini, President, Tahoe Donner Men’s Golf Club

Steve Mahoney is a leader who understands the issues, has the experience to make informed decisions and the courage to do what is right. ~ Tory & Max Roman

I have been attending the Tahoe Donner Finance Committee Meetings for the past five years.  I have been extremely impressed by Steve Mahoney.  He comes to the meetings well prepared; it is evident that he has studied the material in advance as he is always knowledge on the various agenda items. His strong financial background is evident when he speaks. He impresses me as a good listener, listening to all parties.  Given the financial situation we are in with the COVID- 19 and its impact on our Association I believe Steve would be an excellent addition to our Board. ~ James Colbert