My wife, Carole, and I first bought in Tahoe Donner in 2002. In 2014 we built our present house as a second home to our Mill Valley residence. This past year, we moved to Tahoe Donner full-time, to fully enjoy all Tahoe Donner has to offer.

We enjoy hiking, golf, skiing, and paddle boarding at the lake. We also enjoy serving our neighbors. Carole volunteers on the Trails & Open Space Subcommittee and the Tahoe Donner Giving Fund. I volunteer on the Men’s Golf Club Board and serve as Vice-Chair of the Tahoe Donner Finance Committee, applying the financial expertise honed as a Managing Director in the Global Debt Capital Markets business at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. There, I headed multinational teams, solving complex financing problems for large U.S. and international companies.

I have extensive experience, and practical success, in building effective teams, managing via consensus, and developing creative solutions. My success comes from listening carefully and matching my knowledge and experience to the needs and wants of those I serve.

Now, I look forward to applying the same skills in service to you on the Tahoe Donner Board of Directors.

Pressing Issues

Reclaim Tahoe Donner from COVID-19. This pandemic has reshaped our lives and filled our days with uncertainty. It has touched my family, and perhaps yours – my daughter in New York City is a COVID-19 survivor.

  • I will weigh local conditions, follow local guidelines, and apply experienced leadership to create the “next normal,” to safely open and operate amenities for maximum member enjoyment.

Rebuild and support the team. Our new General Manager starts right after the election. I look forward to teaming with David Mickaelian and will work diligently to ensure his success.

  • I will build trust and empower the General Manager to act with agility and resilience. My role as a Director is to provide direction and management’s role is to execute on the Board’s direction.

Plan for TD’s Future. Recent Boards have been driven by the annual budget cycle, consumed with its impact on the annual assessment, brushing aside our nearly 50-year old association’s intermediate and long-term needs.

  • I will ensure we adopt a long-term, realistic, fiscally prudent investment plan to take excellent care of amenities and land we jointly own, with predictable and affordable annual assessments.

Unite Tahoe Donner. No matter where our primary residence, which amenities we frequent, or how we use our property, we are all equal owners, deserve equal respect, and are equally entitled to our member rights.

  • I will work to ensure amenity access policies, fees, and homeowner rules are fair to all, make sense for the times, and give members priority while making all guests feel welcome.

Leadership Principles

  • Tahoe Donner Member since 2002
  • Avid skier, golfer, hiker & paddle-boarder
  • BA, Environmental Studies & Economics, Middlebury College
  • MBA, Finance, University of Miami
  • Managing Director, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, newly retired
  • Vice Chair, Tahoe Donner Finance Committee
  • Board member, Tahoe Donner Men’s Golf Club
  • Certified Board Leader, Community Association Institute

  • Set pertinent, achievable objectives for staff, then empower them to do their job
  • Balance financial performance & member experience, applying sensible, service-focused business practices
  • Treat everyone with respect – homeowners, staff, committee members and fellow directors
  • Work collaboratively, listen carefully, and build consensus to prevent dysfunction

Essential Priorities

I am not a single-issue candidate. I am committed to addressing the many issues facing Tahoe Donner, including:

  • Careful budgeting and smart spending to get maximum value from our assessment dollars
  • Intelligent planning and capital investing to protect our amenities and our home values
  • Sensible rules, amenity policies, and fees that treat all members equally and are considerate of guests
  • Aggressive wildfire prevention to prevent devastation and preserve our ability to insure our homes
  • Maintain our 60-mile trail system, Tahoe Donner’s most widely used and highly valued amenity
  • Productive relationship with the Town of Truckee to ensure our tax dollars benefit Tahoe Donner taxpayers
  • Replace the obsolete Down Hill Ski Lodge, right-sized for members and all guests
  • Apply technology to improve member service, member participation, and member input

Uniquely Qualified

  • Financial expertise – a lifelong career in finance and investing provides expertise and insight unique among candidates
  • Fresh eyes, deep experience – rapid and deep immersion into Tahoe Donner governance over the past two years provides insight and knowledge though fresh eyes
  • Multiple perspectives – avid use of Tahoe Donner amenities and services, and work on the Finance Committee, provide a
    balanced member experience and financial perspective